Network Service Assistant


Network Service Assistant – Multifunction Qualification+ Tester

The Network Service Assistant (NSA) is a hybrid test solution, that bridges the divide between qualification and certification, and features Certi-Lite technology.  Certi-Lite follows the ANSI/TIA 1152-A single-ended testing for many of the same parameters used in bi-directional certification.  Single-ended testing does not qualify for cable manufacturer warranty approval, but for those that do not require the warranty, and simply desire a deeper level of cable testing beyond just a simple wiremap, NSA’s is the first test solution to offer Certi-Lite, and was voted Best in Show at the BICSI 2022 Winter Conference, by event attendees.

IT departments often find a need to ensure the cabling infrastructure meets a certain test standard. This is needed to ensure support for a given application, or simply to support moves/adds/changes. Historically, this requires the purchase of two or even three different types of testers, that span wired, wireless, and certification capabilities, which becomes cost prohibitive. The NSA is offered at a fraction of the cost for what you would typically need to spend in multiple testers to get this much test function. And, because the NSA is modular, adding more test function as needs change, or AEM continues to add capabilities, is as easy as hot swapping a test adapter.


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