FTTX Distribution Cable

The 250um fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of PBT plastic. The tubes are filled with water-resistant thixotropic jelly. A Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) locates in the center of the core as a non-metallic strength member. The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular core. The cable core is protected from water ingress by water blocking yarn and tape, Final the cable is completed with a PE or LSOH sheath.


  • Good flexible and ultra bending insensitive performance for critical spaces
  • Dual water proof members, excellent water resistances
  • Dielectric construction gains good electromagnetism resistant performance


  • ITU-T G652 D/ G657A2
  • ANSI/TIA 568-D.3
  • IEC-60794
  • RoHS


  • Ideal FTTH access backbone cable, specific cores per tube design for clear and easy distribution deployment
  • Suitable for outside plant environments, aerial or duct installation
  • All computer network FDDI, ATM and Ethernet
  • LSOH-fire retardant sheathed available for premises for backbone, IEC 60332-1 compliant

Ordering Information:

Part No. 2642xyzzz2
Description: Premium Line Fiber optic outdoor FTTH “Dry Core” distribution cable, multitube, non-metallic with central FRP strength member, Single Mode
x, mode 2: SM 9/125   6: SM 9/125 G657A2
y, sheath 2: LSOH      3: PE
zzz, fiber count 004/ 006/ 008/ 012/ 024/ 036/ 048/ 072/ 096

Structure & Environmental Characteristics

Loose Tube



Strength Member





LSOH / black

PE / black

Operating Temperature

-20 oC to +70 oC

-40 oC to +70 oC

Storage / Transport Temperature

-40 oC to +70 oC

-40 oC to +70 oC

Installation Temperature

-10 oC to +50 oC

-20 oC to +50 oC

Mechanical Characteristics

Fiber Count Outside Diameter
Weight (kg/km)
Tensile Strength Crush Load 


(N/100 mm)

Bend Radius
Short term
Long term (N) Static (mm) Dynamic (mm)
4-36 10.2±0.5 80 1000 400 1000 10D 20D
38-72 10.6±0.5 84 1000 400 1000 10D 20D
74-96 12.0±0.5 112 1000 400 1000 10D 20D

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